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  • My regular wheels work just fine...why Ball-Wheels?
    Ball-wheels helps distribute the skater's weight more evenly across the wheel surface enhancing stability and balance. This feature can be particularly beneficial for beginners or those looking for added confidence while skating. Our Ball-wheels also reduce friction on various surfaces, allowing skaters to glide with less effort. The design enables the wheels to roll smoothly and efficiently, providing a more enjoyable skating experience. We wanted to create something innovative that opened up new possibilities for skaters enabling them to perform creative maneuvers, spins, and tricks that may be challenging with traditional wheels. The versatility of ball-wheels can enhance the overall skating experience. They're fun and different but we get it....they may not be for everyone.
  • What size are the wheels & what is the hardness?
    We are currently working on various wheel hardnesses and sizes. Stay tuned!
  • Will there be more colors?
    Can frogs ribbit? Absolutely there will be! New colors are in the works. ⚫️🟠🟣🟢⚪️🟡🔵🔴 ... (in that order) Please bare with us... we're a small startup. Thanks!
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